As a history play Richard III requires a little knowledge to fully understand the nuances of the character relationships. We also must separate out Shakespeare’s history from the facts, as we know them.

The first link, Shakespeare’s history, offers a brief overview of how Shakespeare presents the events that sparked the Wars of the Roses, including the final resolution to that civil war as presented in Richard III.

The remaining links on this page will take you to the real history, as we understand it. They will also take you to another site; one I created for a production of Henry VI Part 1. There are links on all the Henry VI pages that will bring you back to this page. This site, along with the Henry VI Part 1 site are part of a long term project to create a dramaturgical website for all of Shakespeare's history plays.

The line of English Monarchs shows you the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. Each name will take you to either a Wikipedia entry, or a more detailed entry on this site.

The family Tree is just that, a Royal family tree from William I through James I.

The History like will take you to a basic history of England from the Mythic past to modern day.

While you can access it from the History page, the Wars of the Roses link will take you strait to the information on the Wars of the Roses.

Shakespeare's History
Line of English Monarchs
Family Tree
Wars of the Roses

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