The gentle, trusting brother born between Edward and Richard in the York family. Richard has Clarence murdered in order to get him out of the way. Clarence leaves two children, a son and a daughter

George is the middle of the three York brothers, with Edward as the elder, and Richard as the younger. In Richard III George seems to be a gentle soul who genuinely believes his brothers both love him. In the Henry VI plays George is not so gentle, but is often naïve. George is the last of the brothers to join the Duke of York when the war first breaks out. He lives in the far north near Warwick’s land as he is married to Warwick’s oldest daughter. He does eventually join the York cause and is an important part of the war. When the brothers are together he tends to follow one or the other, often Richard. In Henry VI part 3 when Edward is wooing Lady Elizabeth, George and Richard make snide comments on the side. Richard leads this conversation; only once or twice does George originate an idea instead of agreeing with Richard.

Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth alienated Warwick from the York cause. George and Richard are likewise upset. George is so upset he follows his father-in-law in changing sides to the Lancasters. Ultimately the Lancasters do not trust him, and brotherly duty wins out and George comes back to the York side just in time for the Yorks to win the war. This betrayal, however, makes Edward’s imprisonment of George in the first scene of Richard III more believable.

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